Friday, April 8, 2011



Today marks the beginning of many things for me. I always thought of not making it but I look at myself now and I'm finally done with school.

Going on to this course has always been an issue. Ditching my graduation has always been an issue too. I always tell them that I am an undercover nursing student and that I am not attending my graduation because of it is just an undercover. It is always easy that way than making people understand the real reason why.

I've been to three schools, four and a half batch and numbers of tutorials. I was able to see some sides of different people, mentally, physically and financially. Each one of them dreamed to walk on that stage and to graduate. Obviously, it is not my dream. Dream for me is something that you want to achieve and to settle with. Yes, I finished school and this is an achievement and that I am proud of. No, there's no way I will settle on this one so I will still keep on pushing through and I won't end it by just walking on to that stage.

People tells me that it is being selfish. Graduation is one of the greatest gift a parent could have. I agreed. It is one of the many gifts we could give our parents but I am giving it up. I only gave up one gift, there are still a lot of them left. That gives me another motivation to work harder and make them more proud.

I am not trying to prove something here. I am pretty sure people would think that way. Everytime I make a decision people always thought that I am trying to prove something. Thats how my mind works and I am just being myself. This is just a thought of mine. Don't Judge.